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You Were There

was written during the most difficult season of my life. People I

counted on, people who should have known better, decided to abandon me when

I need them the most. During this time alone I learned that Jehovah Shammah

(the God who was there) does not ever leave or forsake us. He can be counted

on for He is faithful—we are never truly alone.

There Is A Mountain

has lyrics inspired by Mark 11:23, where Jesus tells his

mighty men to “say to the mountain” and it would be cast into the sea. He speaks

of how to pray with authority, something we are regaining in this generation.

What do people of faith do with these words?, “…does not doubt in his heart, but

believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” I

suggest that we better believe them, or else!

New Wine

is a song that was written on two fronts. The metaphor of new wine in

new wine skins is staple kingdom teaching by Jesus. He wanted His followers to

realize that they must be made new for new revelation to be infused into their

souls. We are the wineskins. But I was always cognizant of the conflict the

church has had with alcohol consumption. A former pastor of mine tried to

convince me that the wine of Jesus day had little or no alcohol in it. Really!

Preposterous. In an effort to promote temperance the church has become

disingenuous on the subject. And yes…I imbibe occasionally. My cousin Luca is

a proud Vingiero in Italy!

For You

was sung by me to my beautiful Terry on our wedding day. I recorded it 30 years later. My love for her remains undiminished. I pray and desire 30 more.

I Will Rejoice is a straight-ahead gospel song. My good friend Sidney Velasquez

sings the lead on this and lends his exceptional vocal talents to the tune. First

sung in a Baptist church filled with the frozen chosen, it has since been sung with

voices raised in praise and hands lifted in worship to the Giver of every good gift.

You Don’t Know Me

can be a little difficult to hear for the squeamish. It might be

hard to figure out to whom it’s being sung, until the chorus comes and describes

vividly the accursed traits of our ancient enemy, il diavolo. The first two verses

speak of his accusations made against us, but ends with a triumphant declaration

of our true identity as sons/daughters of the most high God.

Call On Jesus

reveals the need that we all have for Jesus, regardless of our

situation, talents, occupation, color, etc. There’s a kingdom coming, so you better

stop your running…so says the pre-chorus. He’s the One with the answers,

Jesus is our Savior. In Hebrew his name means salvation. (Yeshua) If only we

would call on Jesus, then He would answer us and save us from whatever we

are facing. He is waiting.

Father’s Day

laments a man going to the mailbox, going to his Inbox, checking

his phone for any word from his children, but there is none. Many parents have

been forgotten and dishonored by their loved ones, especially as they get older

and their children become busy adults. This song speaks of the true “Father’s

Day,” when families are united in love and our differences are forgotten through

forgiveness and love. That day is coming; that day will be the true Father’s Day.

Adam’s Son

describes us all. If we’re honest with ourselves, we notice there’s

something broken in us that needs fixing. We inherited this vein of weakness and

failure from the first father of mankind, Adam. Jesus is called the second Adam,

and he came to seek and save what was lost. Our “rightness” and our

“goodness” has been recovered through the work of Jesus’ cross. He can right

every wrong and give us back the life we were meant to live. As the reprise says,

“I can see Jesus, standing in the gap, making a way for the broken heart.”

Ironically, someone who worked on this song with me, claiming the cross of

Christ, cannot see the Adam-like brokenness still prevalent in his own life.

Gracie’s Moon

One night I stepped outside under the moonlight and admired its

beauty. My youngest daughter, Gracie, loves the moon and the stars. She had

already gone to bed for the night, but I thought how she would have loved the

beauty of that moon. It was Gracie’s moon and so I wrote a piano piece that

interpreted the beauty of the moon that night and the beauty of my daughter’s

love for it.

Shake The Dust

is what Jesus said to do when people reject you for who you

are. When you bring the Spirit of Christ into various situations, and you offer

yourself transparently, fully, and are subsequently rejected, He said to shake the

dust off of your feet and go to another town. I have decided to take His advice

and wherever I am overlooked, dismissed or rejected, I move on, shaking the

dust from my feet. Life is too precious to spend one second of it trying to

convince folks to like you, to want you, to appreciate. If they don’t—shake the


I Believe In You

is counter-intuitively upside down. Instead of a singer touting his

belief in God, this song is raising the awareness of the affirmation we receive

from Him, our good Father. He believes in us because He sees the beginning

from the end; He knows how our story ends, for He always has the final say!

Fall Album Song Descriptions –

Didn’t We Say is a song about the vows and promises we make/take on our

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