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Concerts and Live Performances –

I would love to play a concert for you and your guests in your home at your

church, coffee house, club, college, or wherever you desire. All I require is the

space and an audience. At an Innocente concert/performance you will hear

stories and songs done in an intimate style, full of Presence, purpose, truth and

even laughter!

Concert Dates –

Email at with your proposal. Let me know where you're

located and what you have in mind. The angels are in the details.

You Can Afford Innocente –

I will need help with my travel expenses, so keep that in mind. I will

perform/minister for either a set amount in the form of an honorarium or

contracted performance agreement, or a simple love offering, depending on the

size of the event. Let's see what we can work out! Make me an offer that you feel

you can joyfully give. If you have a budget for special guest events, that's great.

But if you can only offer a "love offering," plus an expense stipend, that's fine too.

General Booking Info –

I'd love to come and play for your event, so let’s work out the details! I will travel

pretty much anywhere in the United States and most of Canada. My fees are

actually quite reasonable. While I'm not in this for the money, I must support my

family as well as the continued growth of my calling. Some specific details are as

follows –

• I would like the opportunity to sell my CDs at the event

• I would need to have my travel expenses covered

If I am traveling in California I will drive my vehicle to your venue. Outside of the

state I live in. I will need your help with my kit (cargo expenses) and airfare. I will

drop ship CD’s and other promo stuff to your address, which is cheaper than

paying for its weight onboard an aircraft. I will need a motel or hotel stay provided

for the night when your event is outside of the greater Bay Area of Northern


Mission –

My heart’s desire is to reveal Jesus in a kingdom sort of way, so that the

religiosity is barred from entry. I love people (all people), whether or not they walk

with Jesus. He is in my music, my lyrics, my performances…He is in my life—He

is my life. Through Spirit-lead stories and songs I hope that all who come to

share in my music will leave filled up with the hope, faith, grace and mercy that I

sing. I desire to talk and pray with folks after the music has done its part.


Note: If you do not hear back from me within 48 hours, call (408) 505 - 8129 and leave a message.

It's entirely possible that your email (or my response to you) got caught in a spam filter.

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